Our Founder's Story


My name is Angelina Joseph. growing up in Paris, France, I discovered a prominent magazine “En Mission avec Eux” (“In Mission with Them”), that captivated me as it described the life and work of missionaries in French-speaking Africa and the Caribbean. The vivid photos and amazing stories of the people touched my heart and led me to become a supporter.


After moving to the United States, I began to volunteer in faith communities including UNICEF and the Red Cross. I discovered practical methods to helping low income communities effectively.  I believe It is crucial to address not only existential needs but also to engage in project focused on economic development and environmental advocacy to empower communities.  This is what makes HFAM different from other charities.


After completing two Masters’ in Psychology and Divinity, in Berkeley and training at Stanford, I founded Health for All Mission. The objective of Health for all Mission is to create a holistic and comprehensive model for improving the lives of impoverished population in developing countries. As a team we built partnerships in the United States, France, Sierra Leone, Cameroon,  Ethiopia and Belize to support initiatives and projects focused on education, health, economic development, and environment.

Please join us! Together, we can make a difference. 

Angelina Joseph

Executive Director & Founder


Our Team

Derrick Lyles


Business Development

Mary Liu, MBA



Kristie Klemens



Pamela Lisizin



Lili Beka



Our International Team

Naomi Williams


Coordinator for Sierra Leone

Marguerite Kondo


Coordinator for Cameroon

Gloria Garcia


Coordinator for Central America

Our Board of Directors

Angelina Joseph


Angelina is a Lecturer and Public speaker.  She  has worked on projects related to economic development between the Republic of Gabon and Governor Kenny Guinn’s office of diplomatic Relations and protocol in Nevada.  She collaborated with civil rights advocate Dorothy Height who was a recipient of the the presidential medal of freedom and congressional Gold Medal. Currently, she leads projects related to bringing medical assistance, clean water and solar energy in Africa.

August Jaenke, PMP


August became involved with international missions after spending his sophomore year living in Japan. He taught English in China before moving to Santiago, Chile to start an English school focused on middle and lower class students. He currently works as a Director within Healthcare IT.

Houston Johnson, DTh


Houston provided professional counseling services at the Betty Ford Center.  Later  he became a missionary veteran who worked and lived in South East Asia for ten years.  He Developed  alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam to counsel people struggling with alcohol and substance abuse.  He took short- term mission trips to Kenya and Ethiopia including South America and reached out to HIV patients.

Demetra Arvanidis, MPH, MD