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Celebrating 15 years

Provide food!


Make a real difference today and help us  with farm ecosystem for sustainable agriculture in Ethiopia

Cost:  $100.00


Heal the sick!


Support medical teams traveling to Cameroon to provide health care together with local physicians.

Cost:  $500 for 50 babies' immunization


Seamos Ligeros!


Ayudar a un nino con una linterna solar a un nino necissitado

Help provide a solar ight to a kid in need

Costo: $15


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Health for All Mission is a 501 (c)(3) Christian charitable organization that seeks to improve the physical and spiritual well-being for impoverished communities in Africa and Latin America. 

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We support initiatives around the world in the areas of healthcare, the environment, education, community development, advocacy, and faith.

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We welcome your support in any form. Donate towards a specific cause. Read our newsletter. Take part in a fundraiser. Join us on a trip. 

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