Medical Projects


 We seize areas of opportunities so we can best serve the community. For example, we donated several boxes of medicine  for malaria, typhoid fever, dysentery  to hospital in Africa.  

In addition, we partner with medical communities nationally and internationally  that are willing to physically work alongside with us to do medical and dental outreaches. Our upcoming dental & medical outreaches to Cameroon with our partner Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries is from  February  17-22-2020.  If you are interested draw us a line.

Saving lives and protecting the environment

  Hospitals discard an estimated $6.5 billion of medical supplies and equipment each year, much of which is useable surplus that could save lives. Because of technological changes, regulatory requirements, production overages and procedural excess, the surplus is sent to landfills

According to the World Health Organization, more than 10 million children under the age of 5 die each year in the developing world, due to inadequate medical care. Potentially lifesaving surgeries are canceled because there are no sutures.

We step in and recycle the equipment and supplies, then we ship them to hospitals in need in developing nations. Ask how you can help.