"We are French, and we live in the suburb of Paris.  We were both looking for an opportunity to go to mission in Africa, so when the opportunity came to work with Pygmies kids, we both jumped on it.  I gave baths and fed the babies, and my husband mentored the teens.  There is so much to do in the center in Moloundou. We saw the needs everywhere, but we were happy to serve. It was such a wonderful experience."

Leandre et Lilette, HFAM Volunteers

Paris, France


“I lost my job and have been in financial hardship for 6 long months. The food and toiletries in the tote I received from you today looks like a miracle." 

Gabriel Jenkins

Freetown, Sierra Leone


"Sometimes I feel like the need is overwhelming and I believe that the battle is lost. However, our efforts have not gone unnoticed by the people whose lives are changed by the relief supplies or the health centers that have been equipped to meet their patient's needs. Then, I rejoice knowing that we have accomplished our goal." 

- Relief worker in Cameroon



“We are happy to be selected as students of the year of the Lycee of Moloundou , and recipients of scholarship that will allow us to go to trade School."

Our Volunteer Leandre and Three Pygmies students:  Daniel, Fabrice and Antoine

Moloundou , Cameroon.


"I congratulate your team for the donations of the medicines( Malaria, typhoid, dysentery) to Yabassi hospital in Cameroon. It is a true 'Christmas gift' and I would encourage other NGOs to follow your example of love for both the people and the community.”   

Minja Laurance, Chief Administrative Officer of the Department of Nkam in Cameroon