Community Empowerment


We train and empower women in  sustainable farming and cooperative business such as processing palm nuts to produce palm oil so that they can provide for their families and strengthen their community.

Many rural and impoverished areas we operate in exhibit a heavy reliance on candles and kerosene as the primary source of energy for cooking and lighting, especially when there is power failure. These fuels can be hazardous to one's health. In addition, the lack of electricity impedes development and can increase poverty.

 In the month of  November, we  distributed solar lanterns in remote villages in Moloundou and the surrounding areas. We hope to reach  our goal in providing  solar lanterns to 500 families.

Nearly, 600 million people in Africa have no / less access to electricity which make Africa a huge emerging market for renewable energy.  We are providing information and guidance to individuals and businesses that  are interested to tap into entry level solar products such as solar lights acting as gateways to mid range products e.g. solar home systems and larger solar roofs.