Our Projects


By advocating against deforestation, including buying elephant tusk jewelry, you can help maintain wildlife diversity and a balanced ecosystem in the Congo river region.


With a plantain processing machine powered by solar energy you can provide five people with jobs, help strengthen family ties, and promote economic  development in Cameroon, Sierra Leone, and Belize.  


Providing school supplies and supporting boarding school facilities will help students' performance  and make learning a little bit easier and more enjoyable. 


Because water is an essential human necessity, you can support initiatives that promote new wells for clean water in Moloundou,Cameroon, and help train people on how to perform upkeep and maintenance on rainwater harvesting systems. 


By supporting a shipment of donated medical equipment through a partnership  with Project C.U.R.E., you will help alleviate suffering and  save lives. This also allows medical missions teams to travel light to the region.


We have teamed up with the Matthias Koundeck missionary center in Cameroon for spiritual outreach and to help provide jobs and build communities for the Baka Pygmy people.


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